How to Sell Glass Vessel Bathroom Basins

18 June 2019
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Bathroom design has come a long way. It used to be the case that homeowners spent all their time and energy beautifying their living room and bedroom spaces, but now they want their bathrooms to feel just as special. This is great news if you are in the business of selling bathroom furnishings, appliances and accessories. A trend that doesn't appear to be going away is glass vessel bathroom basins. So what are the selling points of a glass sink, exactly?


Many people are now thinking from a green perspective when they purchase anything for their home, and this makes glass something that you can position in an eco-friendly way. Glass is, in fact, 100% recyclable, so it's worth sourcing your glass vessel basins from a manufacturer that uses recycled glass. This will make eco-friendly ambassadors feel better about their purchase than if they were to go for a material such as marble.

Make a statement

One of the standout benefits of a glass vessel basin is its visual appeal. A standard basin that is sunk into the wall unit is something that you will hardly notice, but a freestanding vessel basin on top of the unit is something that you will notice straight away. This is why many places such as spas or restaurant bathrooms opt for vessel basins. They make a bathroom look like a destination where you can have a positive experience, not just somewhere to wash your hands and brush your hair. If your client base prefers a luxurious feel (but not necessarily with a luxury budget to match) a glass vessel sink can be sold in this way.

Space saving

If you are trying to find the right basin fit for a family, something that is often important to this client base is space. If a basin is sunken into the bathroom unit, it takes up all of that space, but a floating vessel on the top leaves ample space around to store items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap.

Easy installation

Many people want a bathroom renovation that isn't going to uproot their lives while the renovation is taking place. With a traditional basin, many measurements have to be taken, and it will usually have to be fitted in a certain way into a unit. With a vessel basin, the installation is so much easier because it doesn't need to fit into any pre-existing structure.