5 Tips for Finding an Exceptional Commercial Refrigerator

1 February 2017
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Purchasing a commercial refrigerator for a supermarket, food service business, convenience store, restaurant or other service that depends on commercial refrigeration equipment can be a daunting task. Certainly, it is a nightmare waking up to spoilt food or a leaking system. With this in mind, examine the following critical areas when the need to purchase a commercial refrigerator befalls.


Any commercial refrigeration system is tasked with preventing spoilage of food or other items stored within. The system should also display the items in an attractive manner. Therefore, find a system with an end user design in mind. Besides this, components of the refrigerator should be easy to sanitize and disinfect. Units ought to be easy to clean. The doors should open easily for customers and close securely to ensure the food is fresh and cold. Additionally, the temperature regulation system should be easy to see and adjust.


Since it keeps food fresh round the clock, the system should be durable. Avoid purchasing systems that are notorious for failures resulting in food wastage and unhappy customers. Consult vendors and experts to gather sufficient information that will aid you find the best equipment.


Anticipating malfunctions within the system is normal. Therefore, consider purchasing the commercial refrigerator from a vendor who can offer post installation support and service if it does malfunction. Inquire about the vendor's warranties, turnaround time for servicing and customer support programs. Find out if they offer training for equipment installers and servicers, if they hire certified technicians, and what the cost is of regular maintenance, troubleshooting and part replacement. Gathering this data will enable one identify how the vendor prioritizes customer support. Note that providing regular maintenance for your system culminates in an extended life, reduced leaks, and low energy consumption.


The cost for energy is on the rise globally. To counter this, inventions and innovations coupled with advanced technology have led to the introduction of low energy use systems. It will, therefore, be unrealistic to purchase a high energy consuming system. You should also consider the environmental impact of these systems.


Besides protecting perishable food items, commercial refrigerators also influence the interior design of one's establishment. Having said this, it is advisable to find a system that blends seamlessly with the interior design of one's store. The refrigeration system should showcase attractively the edible items being sold. It is an additional marketing strategy as many customers will be enticed to make purchases.