Three Tips for a Gorgeous Retro Kitchen

27 October 2016
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There's something about the 1950s that really lends itself to modern kitchen design. It's near enough to have all mod cons, but distant enough to feel exciting and retro; there's a glamour to the 50s, too, that modern home design often seems to lack. If you dream of having a 50s-style kitchen of your very own, read on: here are three fantastic ways to incorporate this style into your everyday life that are simple, practical and realistic.

#1:Pick A Fantastic 50s Colour Scheme

A great colour scheme is the perfect way to inject some personality into a room, and the 1950s was bursting with bright, interesting hues to pick from. You can take inspiration from diners, vintage photographs and period kitchen magazines; think bold, bright and original. Turquoise walls, red woodwork and white kitchen cabinets is a fantastic choice for this kind of look; pink, white and black also works brilliantly, as does primrose yellow and mint green. Whatever you choose, make sure they're colours you adore--you'll be living with them every day, after all!

#2: Choose Your Appliances Cleverly

A vintage look doesn't mean you need to sacrifice modern convenience, and by choosing retro-styled kitchen appliances you can have the look you love without giving up on any of the gadgets you need. There are several big brands that make fridges, freezers, dishwashers, cookers and washing machines that have the right lines to go along with everything we expect in a modern kitchen: look at SMEG as a starting point. To really capture the look, don't feel like your white goods need to be white! Look for models that come in your chosen colours, and consider mixing and matching to create the look you want.

#3: Pay Attention To Small Details

Simply by choosing your kitchen accessories to match your colour scheme and the overall look and feel you're going for, you can transform any kitchen in one afternoon. The trick is to develop a great eye for detail; look out for classic Formica patterns to add some authenticity, and hunt down little things like teatowels and sponges that colour-match the rest of your kitchen. A classic Felix clock will go with any 1950s style, and they're always charming to look at. Leather-upholstered chairs are a good way to make sure your kitchen table is in keeping, and gingham curtains at the window is another nice touch. Whatever you choose, keep the overall look and feel of the room in mind and your retro kitchen will come together beautifully in no time at all.