Deciding if an all-in-cooker is for you

8 June 2016
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In recent years, sales of Thermomixes and similar all-in-one cooking appliances have skyrocketed. These appliances purport to replace a lot of your current appliances and claim to make the process of cooking dinner each night much easier and quicker. Here are some things to consider as you try to decide if an all-in-one cooker is right for your household. 

What kinds of dinner do you usually cook?

All-in-one cookers can be a great way to steam meat and vegetables as well as being great for stews, soups, dips, and ice creams. They don't tend to be as successful at meals such as stir-frys which are already quick to cook and require some specific styles of agitation. Grilled meats also need to be cooked in a different way, by slow cooking, which can create a tender meat but does require relearning how to cook your favourite steak. 

How much can you afford for a kitchen appliance?

In addition to the cooker you often want to buy extra bowls and additions, so that you can cook multi-step or course meals without needing to fully clean down the machine. 

All-in-one cookers tend to have a relatively high price point, which is often justified by the ease of cooking and the money that you'll save on takeaways. It's worth going back over your budget to see how much money your household spends on takeaways and subtracting the amount that you'd spend on ingredients to see how much you could potentially save. It's often easy to forget to budget for the extra groceries but these can reduce the 'savings' of not buying takeaways. 

How many appliances do you usually use?

Replacing the food processor and other appliances is very handy if these are items that you regularly use. However, many less eager cooks don't tend to use as many appliances and stick with simpler dishes. It can be worth thinking about whether you actually use a lot of appliances or tend to cook very simple dishes and aren't that passionate about cooking. Some households are happy to rotate through the same 2-3 easy meals and may not get as much value as a family that likes to experiment and tries to cook new meals all the time might get from a cooker that can produce a wide range of meals. 

If you are looking to compare all-in-one cookers, it can be useful to head to a demonstration at a kitchenware store to see which cooker might suit your needs.